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Electronic publishing system REBUS datasheet (in Russian)

REBUS is an electronic publishing, information retrieval, and analytical system. , - .

Electronic publications are encapsulated into protected single-file RBS-format which is generated by RBS-Transformer utility from multiple HTML files. RBS-format combines passive and interactive documents with text and multimedia information. RBS-documents have several types of protection from unauthorized copying, some of them require authorization via Internet. Time limited access tied to a dongle enables realization of an electronic library which can be used in educational institution.

REBUS integrates independent RBS-documents into single environment and provides common tools, such as multiple documents browsing, browse history, bookmarks and notes, text highlighting, search, data processing and accumulation. Information retrieval system includes quick search, indexed morphology search with optional context and conditions, search templates, global search through multiple RBS-files. Internal html-browser is based on Mozilla core.

Unique features of REBUS: customizable hyperlinks between independent documents (as a result one document can perform illustrative or reference functions for others); synchronous browsing of documents with similar contents; interactive test data processing and recording user data in customizable DB.

REBUS professional edition includes additional tools for physicians and psychologists, universal DB for anamnesis and test and analysis results.

Company has a publishing team which prepares electronic books available for purchase on our site.

REBUS was awarded a gold medal at 7th ROSPROMEXPO, diplomas of VI Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments and interregional specialized exposition HEALTHCARE.

.29 May

The first iteration of the project STS-30 has been finished.

.02 March

Now everyone can create his own RBS-documents. Our program RBS-Transformer converts a set of HTML-files into single-file RBS-format.

.25 January

REBUS 1.1.9 is available for download.

.29 December

REBUS 1.1.8 - new release of the program.

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